The FanLeague Rules

Version 1.2, July 2018

1. Definitions

The following is a list of key terminology used in the Rules of the Game and its meaning:

“FanLeague Account”

A digital Player account registered on FanLeague’s system

“FanLeague Champion”

The Player who has played more than 13 Games and has the highest average Score at the end of a Season, awarded 33% of the Season’s Prize Pot

“FanLeague Slip”

A set of 13 matches selected by FanLeague which forms the basis for the Game in a certain Game week


The company FanLeague Ltd or its platform or the service provided via the platform

“Full Hedge”

When all three possible outcomes of a match in the FanLeague Slip are selected

“Game Credit”

A Player credit corresponding to the value 20 pence (£0.20)

“Game Week”

Or “GW”, is usually followed by a number and refers to a particular week during which a FanLeague Game has been played


The Player participates in a Game by placing a Wager based on the selection of possible outcomes on a FanLeague slip during a certain Game Week

“Half Hedge”

When two possible outcomes of a match in the FanLeague Slip are selected


A combination of selected outcomes in all matches in a FanLeague Slip, where at least one outcome per match selected


An individual who has registered an account with FanLeague

“Player of the Week”

The  Player of the Week Prize is paid out to a Player who is the only Player with 13/13 in any given Game Week

“Prize Bucket”

Represents one of five (5) tranches of the Weekly Prize Pot

“Season's Prize Pot”

Shared among the Players with the highest average at the end of the season


The number of correctly predicted matches by a Player in a Game Week


A set of matches played between the start and end of a football league or cup as defined from time to time by FanLeague

“Single Line”

A line where only one outcome per match in the FanLeague Slip is selected

“Wager Deadline”

The point in time after which a Wager cannot be placed and a placed Wager can not be cancelled


A Game played by a Players or an amount wagered by a Player on a combination of match outcomes

“Weekly Prize Pot”

Prize Pot for a particular GW representing 60% of that week's turnover


The monetary proceeds resulting from achieving a certain Score or average Score as defined in these rules

2. The FanLeague Game


The FanLeague Game is a pool betting game where a Player predicts the outcome of 13 predefined football matches during a Game Week (“GW”). The Player choses “Home win”, “Draw”, and/ or “Away win” for each match. A Player plays a Game during one GW, the end of which marks the end of that Game.

The aim of the Game is to correctly predict all 13 matches, however a Player is eligible to Winnings, i.e. a certain share of the Prize Pot, if 10 or more correct predictions are made.

The Players who have the highest average score of all Players at the end of the Season win the FanLeague Championship as long as those Players have played at least 13 Games in the relevant season.

2.2.Game Credits (“GC”)

Game Credits each have a value of 20 pence (GBP 0.20) and may be used to pay for a Wager. GCs may be awarded to Players as promotions from time to time. A combination of GCs and money can be used to pay for a Wager.

2.3.Placing a Game

The Player places a Game by selecting at least one outcome for each match on the FanLeague Slip and accepting the Wager by pressing the ‘Play’ button and confirming the Wager. The Game is fixed if a Wager is placed and not cancelled before the Wager Deadline occurs.

2.4.Playing a Single Line

Playing a Single Line means marking only one outcome for each match in the FanLeague Slip. A Single Line costs 20 pence (GBP 0.20), or one GC to play.

2.5.Playing a System

It is possible to select more than one outcome per match. Selecting two outcomes per match (e.g. Home win AND Draw) is called playing a Half Hedge. Selecting all three outcomes is called playing a Full Hedge. Selecting a Half Hedge or a Full Hedge for at least one match is called playing a “System”.

Using a Half Hedge doubles the cost of the Wager. Using one (1) Half Hedge is mathematically the same thing as entering two Single Lines with just one difference (being the match with multiple outcomes), hence the cost of the Wager is doubled. A Full Hedge follows the same principle and hence triples the cost.

Playing a System does NOT imply higher Winnings for a correct Line compared to playing a Single Line. However, when a Player wins using a system, the System may represent more than one winning Single Line.

2.6.Deposit- and wager caps

FanLeague allows a maximum of GBP 125 to be deposited per week (“Deposit Cap”) in line with FanLeague’s Social Responsibility Policy. It is possible to wager up to GBP 1,000 per week (“Wager Cap”).

2.7.Wager Deadline

The latest possible time to enter, change or cancel a Game is 5 minutes before the scheduled kick-off of the first match on the FanLeague Slip, after which point no new Wagers can be entered and no existing Wagers can be cancelled or changed.

2.8.Determination of Winnings

The FanLeague Platform and game engine automatically calculates the Winnings of each GW, according to the FanLeague Rules, and allocates Winnings to each winning Player’s Account. The FanLeague Platform collects the match results from a third party provider of match data. The results data are checked by FanLeague following the conclusion of a GW to avoid incorrect results that may affect the outcome of a FanLeague Game. If an error is identified, FanLeague reserves the right to change the results in a FanLeague Game, which in turn may change Players’ scores.

3. Prize calculations

3.1. Summary

A weekly turnover, being the aggregated amount of all Wagers, is split into three parts i) a Weekly Prize Pot which corresponds to 60% of the turnover and which is allocated to the winners after the completion of a GW (see Section 3.2), ii) the FanLeague Charity Trust which corresponds to 10% of the turnover and which is paid out after the completion of the Season with a focus on grass root football, and iii) the remaining 30% which is retained by FanLeague.

3.2. Weekly Prize Pot

Each week 60% of the turnover is allocated to Players who have scored 10/13 or better. The amount allocated to each eligible Player is dependent on the total turnover and divided by the number of winning Lines for each Prize Bucket. The Weekly Prize allocation is broken down as follows:

Weekly Prize Buckets

% of Weekly Prize Pot




Shared equally per 13/13 Lines



Shared equally per 12/13 Lines



Shared equally per 11/13 Lines



Shared equally per 10/13 Lines




A Single Line will only qualify for one Prize, that which corresponds to the highest score. A System containing more than one winning Single Line is eligible for the Winnings of each Single Line in the corresponding Prize Bucket.

3.3.Player of the Week Prize

The Player of the Week Prize is paid out to a Player who is the only Player with 13/13 in any given Game Week. The Prize is set each week at the discretion of FanLeague. The amount of the Player of the Week Prize in any GW will be communicated via the FanLeague apps and webpage at the latest 1 day prior to the Wager Deadline. The Player of the Week Prize replaces all and any other winnings from the Weekly Prize Pot for the Player of the Week winner, provided that the Player of the Week Prize is greater than what would have otherwise been won by the winning Player from the Weekly Prize Pot. For the avoidance of doubt, a Player cannot win both the Player of the Week Prize and winnings from the Weekly Prize Pot in the same Game Week. 

3.4.Season’s Prize Pot (“The FanLeague Championship”)

The Player with the highest average Score at the end of a Season is to be crowned the FanLeague Champion and wins 33.3% of the Season’s Prize Pot. The amount of the Season’s Prize Pot is set at the discretion of FanLeague.

The competition measurement is a Player’s straight average Score of the 13 highest scoring Lines throughout the season. All Players will automatically be included in the FanLeague Championship competition, however in order to qualify for the Season Prize Pot, a Player has to play a minimum of 13 Games during that particular Season. If two or more Players have the same average Score, advantage will be given to the Player who has played more GWs. Should the number of GWs not act as a divisor, the Players will share the Winnings pertaining to the ranks won between the Players. When a new Season begins, the FanLeague Champion competition and all scores are reset.

The breakdown of the Season’s Prize Pot is:


Per cent of Prize Pot








































Carry-overs refer to any funds that are allocated to the Weekly Prize Pot of a subsequent Game Week. Carry-overs can derive from the following situations:

  1. if no Player scored corresponding to a Weekly Prize Bucket;
  2. a Player is disqualified and/or his/her account has been suspended (as outlined under Section 6); or
  3. a match is deleted from the FanLeague Slip (as described under Section 5.2.4).

3.6.Rounding of Winnings

Winnings are rounded down to each full pence, i.e. to each GBP 0.01.

4. Money withdrawal

As per the Terms of Service, FanLeague endeavours at the best of its ability to pay out any withdrawals from a FanLeague account within five (5) business days from when the withdrawal request is made unless the Player’s personal identification authentication is required by regulation. The undertaking to pay out an amount from a FanLeague Account may be contingent on the Player producing satisfactory personal information (Know Your Customer information) if so requested by FanLeague, which is required by gaming regulators in order to ensure prevention of certain unlawful activities. Failure to produce such information by the Player in a timely manner may lead to longer lead times. Should the Player not be able to produce satisfactory KYC documentation within 60 days after being prompted by FanLeague to do so, the Winnings may be retained by FanLeague and carried over to the next GW explained in Section 3.5.

5. Specific situations

5.1.Match results

The match result, for the purpose of deciding home win, draw or away win of matches in the FanLeague Slip, is the result at full time, i.e. two halves of 45 minutes each plus any additional time added/ pertaining to those two halves. The results after any extra-time/ additional halves (of 2 x 15 minutes) or after a penalty shoot out is NOT included in establishing the match result.

5.2.Interrupted match

In case a match is interrupted and terminated, cancelled or postponed for any reason before the full 90 minutes (including any added time but not including any extra time), the result/ outcome of the match is established by using the following determinants in order:

  1. the official match winner as decided by the relevant Football Association;
  2. provided no official winner is selected (including postponement of the match to a later date), the highest percentage wagered by the FanLeague Players, each Single Line equivalent selecting an outcome counting as one ‘selection’ divided by total number of selections, using three (3) decimals determines the outcome of the match;
  3. If the match cannot be be determined using steps 1-2 above, FanLeague retains the right to at its own discretion cancel the Game Week.

5.3.Cancelled or postponed match

If a match is cancelled or postponed for any reason, FanLeague will at its own discretion replace the deleted or postponed match up until three (3) hours before the start of the first match in the FanLeague Slip with another match. If a match is replaced, all Games that have been placed by any Player prior to the replacement will be cancelled and Players will have to re-enter a Game to play in that Game Week. If a match is cancelled or postponed after three (3) hours prior to the start of the first match in the FanLeague Slip, the result will be decided through the process described in Section 5.2.

If more than three (3) matches in a Game Week are cancelled or postponed, FanLeague, at its own discretion, may cancel the Game Week.

5.4.Match fixing

If FanLeague has very strong reasons to suspect, or it is proven, that a game has been illegally fixed, FanLeague reserves the right to decide the result using the process described in Section 5.2.

5.5.Force Majeure and equivalent impacts

If the process described in 5.2, for whatever reason, has to be applied to 6 or more matches in the same GW, FanLeague, at its own discretion, may cancel the Game Week.

6. Player disqualification

If a Player is in breach of any of the obligations under the Terms of Service which the Player has agreed to, by signing up to FanLeague, FanLeague reserves the right under those Terms of Service to disqualify any Games played by the Player and to retain any Winnings that the Player may have won and to allocate those funds to a Weekly Prize Pot. Examples of such breaches are, but not limited to:

  • underage betting;
  • use of multiple accounts (both/ all accounts may be suspended and any Winnings retained);
  • failure to prove the Player’s identity; and
  • suspicion of any criminal acts, including fraudulent activities and money laundering.

6.1.Challenge a Player disqualification

A Player can challenge FanLeague’s decision to suspend an account, disqualify Games played or retain any Winnings by contacting FanLeague’s appointed Alternative Dispute Resolution entity:

IBAS (Independent Betting Adjudication Service) which acts as an impartial adjudicator on disputes that arise between betting/gambling operators and their customers.

Contact details:
Phone: +44 (0) 20 7347 5883

Players may also contact the Malta Gaming Authority to dispute a decision made by FanLeague. Contact details can be found on

7. Errors made by FanLeague

Any errors or mistakes made by FanLeague or any flaw of the FanLeague platforms or services that leads to an error or any form of unfair treatment should be communicated to FanLeague Customer Support by sending a message in our app under Support, via under Support or by sending an email to FanLeague endeavours to reply to a filed complaint or reported error within 12 hours. A Player can challenge FanLeague’s actions and decisions taken in relation to errors by contacting FanLeague’s Alternative Dispute Resolution entity detailed under Section 6.1.